The internet is full of sites where you can host files, but not all are secure. It’s essential to find a provider that has robust security measures in place to keep your files secure if you’re sharing sensitive information or work documents.

To safeguard your data, secure file hosting providers use encryption with multiple layers and strict access control protocols. Many providers offer features such as multi-factor authentication, password protection and other security measures to keep malicious actors from accessing and using your data against you. Some provide compliance management tools to ensure that your company is compliant with the requirements of the government (like GDPR and HIPAA). without impeding your workflows.

Apple’s built-in storage services offer 5GB of space free, and Cupertino’s Cloud-based system includes impressive security features. It is secure both in transit and at rest, and comes with strong two-factor authentication. It’s simple to use and backup your entire device including media and apps.

Box is a popular online file-sharing tool that safeguards your data from hackers and other threats using multiple layers of security. It allows you to set expiration dates for shared links, enforce two-factor authentication and restrict access to files and folders by permissions. With features like unlimited versions of files, branding and compliance management, it’s an ideal solution for businesses that are concerned about security of data. It is also in compliance with standards for regulatory compliance, such as FINRA, FedRAMP, and HIPAA.

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