Antique Kazakh Weddings on the Seashore inside the Antalya, Turkey

Antique Kazakh Weddings on the Seashore inside the Antalya, Turkey

Kazakhs honor the marriage lifestyle greatly. When you look at the special prize of such matrimony lifestyle about find the fiance (kyz aittiru), to adopt the bride to be (Kyz koru), relationship service (kuda tusu),to provide the earrings to

the new bride to be (sirga salu), goodbye of your bride at home (uzatu), beginning the face of your own bride to be at home of your groom (betashar), which comes in the age bracket toward generation on ancestors of your Kazakhs.

We see that from the Soviet period the fresh Kazakhs forgotten their marriage way of living but following the freedom of the Kazakhstan these types of lifestyle have been renewed once again.

Several years ago, the Kazakhs married the fresh new girl who was simply chosen by the elders of the household members nowadays a person and you can a female satisfy each other, negotiate and with the agree of one’s parents enter a different existence, known as friends.

The man, on consent out of his girlfriend, directs their family to their own house so you’re able to encourage new girl’s family unit members out-of their major intentions and ask for their own hands. Which tradition is named “zhaushi zhiberu”.

A small later on the mother and father and you may family of males visited woo the latest girl and you will don their particular earrings, and thus the latest girl are betrothed. Meanwhile, into the matchmaking, the newest groom’s front side will follow brand new girl’s parents in regards to the info of your relationship and just how far payment currency the latest girl’s parents want (kalyn mal).

If the before the newest dowry repaid in order to girl’s parents on mode away from cattle, inside progressive weeks, due to the financial situation regarding moms and dads of your own both parties, new dowry will pay in the money. (更多…)