The fresh new interview goes better up until the immigration officer goes to browse to possess neighbors exactly who learn about Household and you may Dominika’s relationships

Household converts the brand new knife towards Cuddy from the asking their unique in order to agree including Dominika to his insurance policies very she will acquire some dental performs complete through to the wedding. Cuddy is unwilling, but Dominika ingratiates by herself by offering Cuddy an enthusiastic almond kulich. Cuddy cues this new variations, reminding Domestic when your wedding does not go through he’s merely committed insurance swindle.

Just after Cuddy, at the Wilson’s urging, rejects House employing the brand new chapel towards ceremony, the guy reschedules and it has brand new ceremony at 221B Baker Highway that have Chase officiating.

By 2nd event, The latest Search, it is clear you to definitely Domestic and you can Dominika is actually free to wade about their life in place of interference about most other. House trips the headlines out-of their relationships to the freshly freed Remy Hadley and you can explains you to Dominika actually joining them on their trip to Schenectady because she is attended Atlantic City with her boyfriend.

Dominika isn’t viewed for the remainder of Seasons 7, and in case Family flees the latest state just after crashing his Dynasty with the Cuddy’s House, it appears to be they won’t look for one another once again. She cannot attempt to get in touch with your as he is actually jail, in which he and helps make zero you will need to contact their unique otherwise some one more he understands.

Following the ceremony, Dominika helps it be obvious to house that she actually is happy to features sex with your, but alternatively Domestic reasons themselves to see sleep

Through the Home’s incarceration, Dominika relocated to Atlantic City making good lifestyle function up a store near the casino remove in which she put up a beneficial Ukrainian food truck.

During the 12 months 8, one another Dominika and you will Domestic get emails on the Immigration and you can Naturalization Provider demanding addiitional information regarding their relationship. Inside People of the house, the fresh “dated basketball and you will Ukraine” concerns a healthcare facility to inquire about Family to continue the fresh new deception therefore she may not be deported. She says to your she is become involved in Atlantic Town providing legs rubs to tired bettors. House is perhaps not determined and you can, provided participating in a deceptive relationship would-be a citation off their parole, was reluctant to remain. Dominika brings their intellect by informing him it will be simple for a sensible man instance him to deceive only bureaucrat, however, Household wouldn’t be seduced by new flattery. Dominika ultimately seals the offer by simply making him “an offer the guy can’t reject” – $30,000 after their own citizenship is approved.

Yet not, one another understand that they are aware little regarding one another. That have help from the team, really serious lessons by Chi Playground and you can reasonable information out of Wilson regarding how married couples merely do not know all the mundane details of its existence, Household learns enough throughout the Dominika to attempt to fool immigration.

At that time, Dominika pleads with the immigration manager informing your not to ever create almost anything to Household and you can, whilst wedding try phony, she’s grown up to love your

But not, Domestic has anticipated so it and has now educated Wilson to hang up to so the immigration officer will keep in touch with him. But not, certainly one of Home’s real locals finds Wilson external their home and you may allows they slip one Wilson was a buddy off Household. New immigration administrator becomes enraged and you may informs Household and Dominika so you’re able to enter his office next morning.

Immediately after listening to House’s attorney, the latest immigration administrator says to Dominika she’s going to become deported and you will Residence’s deceit could be stated so you’re able to his parole manager. Home, towards their lawyer’s guidance, remains hushed. The fresh immigration officer will not believe Dominika, however, understands a legal you’ll and you may tells all of them he’s got one past possibility – they will be and then make place monitors having six months to make certain he is traditions to one another.

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